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About Sian


My name is Sian Redgrave, a creative at heart who has found a way to express art through food. 

From a very young age I was mesmerised and enraptured by cooking, watching my mother and Aunt in the kitchen. As I have gotten older, not only do I see cooking as a wonderful creative outlet for me but also an expression of self and an integral source of health and nourishment. 

My inspiration is drawn from traditional and historical recipes, nature, organic and seasonal produce and nostalgic memories of eating as a child. I hope to inspire you all with colour, composition, flavour and ease for your daily encounters in the kitchen.



A collection of my most favourite things to cook and create in my own kitchen, hopefully full of inspiration for your own home. I love food to be abundant, organic, seasonal and overflowing with colour and flavour. 



Coming soon..




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